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Custom Printed Vinyl Hanging Banners

Custom Vinyl Banners

Custom Printed Vinyl Hanging Banners

Our Custom Vinyl Hanging Banners are the perfect, cost-effective way to advertise a service, product, or event! Built tough with hemmed stitching all the way around and metal grommets for hanging (pole-pockets on request), these banners are built to withstand the outdoor elements! With sizes from 8ft to 16ft wide and 3ft to 5ft high, we can build you the perfect custom banner! Custom sizes are also available if you don’t see a perfect size listed here. Contact us to discuss!

Printing and Ink
We use Eco-Solvent ink on our printed vinyl banners that will last many years outdoors without fading and is also good for the environment. We use all new large-format printers that put out high-quality banner images and eye-catching bright colors.

Banner Material and Options
Our standard banners are printed on 14 oz vinyl banner material and are stitch hemmed on all sides. Our banners also come with pole pockets and wind slits if needed.

We can also help you design your banners for you if you are in need of some creative design. We print many different styles of banners including Custom Banners, Business Banners, Wedding Banners, Church And Religious Banners, Birthday Banners, Baby Shower Banners, Team Banners, “Welcome Home” banners and much more.

Please feel free to contact us and we will have someone get back to you with any questions you may have regarding our vinyl banners or any of our other products.

Price: $74.00$260.00

Custom Printed Mesh Hanging Banners

Custom Hanging Banner Mesh

Custom Printed Mesh Hanging Banners

Mesh Banners are used for outdoor events such as festivals, celebrations, and concerts. Printed on a polyester, they allow wind and sound to pass through the material. Mesh Banners permits some visibility through windows and also allows natural light into the store. Mesh Banners are suitable for situations where a banner will be subjected to high wind conditions. Since the material is more lightweight, the mesh is a viable alternative to vinyl to counteract the effect in windy conditions. If you are looking for large format banners to hide scaffolding on a construction job, or expect to subject your banner in heavy winds, Mesh Banners are the preferred choice.

Custom sizes are also available if you don’t see a perfect size listed here. Contact us to discuss!


Grommets: For our grommets, we use Silver Nickel Grommets Size #2 (3/4″ outside diameter) with a hole diameter of 3/8″
Standard Grommets: Silver grommets will be evenly placed along the edge of your banners on an average of every 2-3ft. (Ex. A banner 8′ X 4′ would have 4 grommets on top and 4 grommets on the bottom.)
4 Corners Grommets: Grommets are placed only on the 4 corners of the banner.
All Banners equal and smaller than 4ft x 2ft will only include grommets in the corners.

Pole Pockets

Custom pole pockets are also available and are made by folding an extra 3 inches of blank media towards the backside of the banner and sewing it together. Your artwork should include a “safety zone” of 3″, within your final size, along the sides that the pole pocket will be created. Avoid any important text or logos in this area. If you have a white background on your artwork please include a bounding box with a gray 1pt stroke.

For 8 feet (height) banners please be advised that the pole pockets will reduce your final size 6 inches due to the pocket fold. Pole pockets longer than 8 feet may include an extra charge of $5.00.

If you need a pole pocket for a pole thicker than 1″ please indicated in the Special Instructions Box at the time of uploading your artwork.

Instructions for Double-Sided Banners with Pole Pockets:

1. Measure the Height of the Base, if any, from the top of the upper pole to the bottom of the lower pole. (This Height will be your Final Size. This size)
2. Measure the thickness of the Pole.
3. After measuring the thickness of the pole, double that quantity and bleed out that measure on your artwork at the top and at the bottom.
4. The bleed out areas on your artwork will be folded backward to create the pole pocket. Please make sure the fold will not cover any important information in the other side within your final size. Your safety area will be the same measure as the Bleed measure.
5. If you have a different image on the back of your banner:
On the Front Side, in the Bleed out Section, flip your image horizontally and vertically to maintain a continuous artwork on your backside.

Pole Pocket Dimensions
1″, Bleed 3″
2″-9″ – 4.5
3-13″- 6.5

Pole Pocket’s Holding Grommets: Holding grommets refers to our sliver nickel grommets placed on the edges right were the pole pocket starts. These grommets improve the strength of the pole pocket for heavier rods or poles. This option also gives the banner the option to be hanged by the grommets when poles are not available.

Price: $124.00$445.00

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