Impact Displays Trade Show Graphics

Create Stunning And Portable Trade Show Graphics for Your Pop up Displays, Modular Trade Show Displays, Truss Displays and Banner Stands. Call Us Today!

Your company’s image and message are among its most valuable assets, so getting perfect trade show graphics for your trade show display should be your highest concern. Our Graphic Artists have decades of experience designing imagery for companies for use in all promotional settings. We can create images from scratch, modify images you supply us or go straight to print with your Print Ready artwork. We’ll create vivid, realistic artwork that promotes your brand and presents your message on a trade Show display or convention booth. We can produce trade show graphics for most other brands of pop up displays, banner stands, truss displays or modular displays, also. Impact Displays is an SGIA (Specialty Graphic Imaging Association) member and has applied for certification under the SGP Partnership, which encourages the use of environmentally friendly printing solutions. We print on a variety of media including paper, vinyl, and fabric in small to grand formats using eco-friendly inks and dyes. And we offer a complete line of recycled printing media substrates with excellent performance characteristics. We can help you find the best imagery and the best media to display your message on. Our production group can apply laminates and finish your artwork in all popular methods (magnetic, Velcro, pole pocket, hanger bar, etc) to make your display look great and wear well. Since we do the print work in-house, we can stage and check the graphics on your display – making sure the entire set up looks fantastic. Give us a call or send an email to let us know about your trade show graphics needs – we’ll make you look great!”


Impact displays creates beautiful, laminated and encapsulated color saturated digital prints of your artwork for use on pop-up displays, truss systems or modular displays. The large working area of these graphic panels – often called “mural panels” or “graphic murals” gives exhibitors the maximum printable area your display can accommodate. These stunning panels can engage audience members or attendees from more than 50 feet away, creating a compelling messaging platform. Impact Displays can print graphic panels in widths up to 96″ although many customers “tile” the panels in narrower widths to make shipping easier but preserve the unified look of a single panel. Impact Displays also prints panel “endcaps” (the curved portion at the edges of the pop-up), effectively increasing the promotion area without increasing the size of the trade show display or trade show booth required.


Impact Displays expertly manages complex printing for trade show graphics that require interleafing and aligning multiple images to create the right effect on your pop up or modular display. This is particularly important when your trade show graphics convey messages that build off of or reinforce one-another on the same graphic panel or on adjacent panels. Our graphic artists are expert at “story-boarding” your message and our production technicians will make sure your trade show graphics and trade show display fit together pefectly and deliver your message to greatest effect! Call our experts – we’ll create fantastic trade show graphics for your trade show display!


Impact Displays prints banners for banner stands, hanging trade show displays and other signage. We print on different weights of vinyl (depending on the type of trade show display) to give you a perfect look. We also print on a wide variety of eco-friendly print media. We can finish these banners in any of the many popular methods including velcro, pole pocket, grommets, etc. Impact Displays graphic banners work with retractable banner stands, telescoping banner stands, and standard (non-retracting) banner stands. Ask our graphic specialists to create an amazing banner for you today!