Double Decker Displays and Exhibits

Stand out and above the crowd with our double-deck/two story displays.

Double Decker Displays come in a wide variety of styles and configurations that definitely make an impression. Set up conference or demonstration areas on the second level, while attracting attention to your business on the lower level. Two levels will help you make the most of your booth space!

Customer’s love the flexibility of essentially having the two spaces in one by adding a second floor. The second level also allows your outer graphics and company name to be visible from anywhere across the trade show floor. You’ll make an impression by standing above everyone else, and the look of the solid truss frame will show everyone that you mean business. Add accessories, such as literature racks, counters, and monitors to your double-deck display to help add to client engagement.

The high impact and unique look of an Impact Double-Decker Display is sure to make your next show a success!

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