Monitor Display Stands and Tablet Kiosks

Monitor Displays Stands and Tablet Kiosks from Impact Displays

A customer favorite are Impact Displays’ monitor and tablet display stands. Our flat panel video display stands will put your moving message out there, front and center. While our tablet kiosks provide an interactive presentation for your clients. Small and lightweight, they’ll fit anywhere, while taking up minimal space.

Our monitor displays and stands offer a simple solution for broadcasting a message in any location. Show a commercial, a demo, or an example of your product or service. A looping video is the easiest way of catching attention and hooking a potential client into a presentation of your product or service, while, at the same time, keeping them entertained.

Tablet kiosks are perfect for offering a dynamic space where clients and customers can look up details or interact with a presentation on products or services. With an iPad and tablet kiosk, you can offer a dynamic guide or presentation, while keeping your client engaged. You can even easily collect customer contact details or other information with a strategically placed tablet.

Anywhere a video or dynamic interactive tablet is needed, Impact Displays’ monitor display and tablet stands are the solutions!

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