Upload Your Artwork Files to Impact Displays

To submit your graphics files to us, please fill out the form below and attach your artwork file(s) for upload.

For design specifications, you can download a PDF from our graphics information page. You can find templates for many of our products on their respective product web page, or from your salesperson (if they haven’t sent you one already). It’s important that all graphics follow the specifications for the particular display ordered. If you have any questions or issues regarding preparing your graphics please contact us, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

All fields with * are required. The following file types may be submitted:
(ai) (bmp) (eps) (doc) (docx) (gif) (jpg) (jpeg) (png) (pdf) (ppt) (pptx) (psb) (psd) (psp) (rar) (sit) (tif) (tiff) (xls) (xlsx) (zip)

We recommend placing all files into a single folder, zipping the one folder, and uploading the one zip file to us throught the form.

If you have any issues uploading any files to us through the form, you can use the third party service WeTranfer to send us files. WeTranfer is a service that allows up to 2GB to be sent to another person for free with no sign-up. Please use your salesperson’s email address to send your files to and contact them to let them know that you’re sending them the files directly. You can also use your own file sharing service if you have one.


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