Truss Display Color Options

Many of our Truss displays allow for color and texture customizations! You can customize your Truss display with powder coat color options for your truss frame, along with laminate pattern and texture options for table and countertops! Below are the powder coat truss color swatch options available for our truss displays, along with the laminate patterns and textures available for the table and countertop areas. If you’re not sure which options would work best, our sales team has years of experience and is always available to discuss which colors and patterns go well together to help make your show and event a success!

If you have any questions regarding our powder coat or laminate colors and patterns, please contact us with any questions you may have.

Standard powder coat colors. These are the in-stock colors with no upcharge. All but the Grey are Tiger Drylac powders

Solid Gloss Colors

Bengal Black


PMS 443C

Bengal Blue

PMS 294C

Bengal Red

PMS 200C

Bengal White

Bengal Orange

PMS 021C

Bengal Yellow

PMS 108C

Semi-Metallics and Specialty

Bengal Silver

Semi-Metallic – Light Silver

DB601 Glimmer

Semi-Metallic – PMS 5625 PC

Jeans Metallic

Semi-Metallic – PMS 8203 PC

P14 Glimmer

Semi-Metallic PMS 8423 PC

Sahara Gold

Semi-Metallic PMS 7407 PC

Wrinkle Black

This is a textured color, sometimes used for our slat wall

Standard Wilsonart laminates. These are the in-stock laminates with no upcharge.

Graphite Nebula
Grey Nebula
Manitoba Maple

Fusion Maple

Natural Pear
Windswept Pewter