Give your booth a truly special look during the upcoming trade show with a portable display booth! A portable display will give your booth a professional appeal that surpasses the standard trade show pipe/drape and ensures higher customer traffic. You can accessorize the portable booth with literature stands, product shelving and counters to fit your venue and display goals.

Every company looks forward to their trade show – it’s a tremendous marketing and advertising opportunity as it brings prospective clients together on one platform. However, you’re competing for the attention of your customers and hence your booth should make an impact to capture their attention. A portable display booth can create that impact!

A portable display booth offers high return on investment fits well into your company’s overall marketing strategy. A portable display can deliver sales at a very low cost. It can be set up in minutes and even dismantled easily.

Portable displays comes in various shapes and sizes and can be customized according to your requirements. The most popular portable trade show displays are pop ups and banner stands. Hanging displays also provide a great way attention of the visitors from a long distance itself.  Banner stands can also complement the messaging on your pop up display.

Portable displays are available with environmentally friendly components, including media, lighting and graphics. For example, banners from can be printed on a variety of recycled media. In addition, traditional printing processes are being replaced by those using environmental friendly ink to reduce the impact on nature.

Impact Displays offers portable display booths and various other trade show exhibits. The company has a strategic level understanding of trade shows and has been providing innovative solutions for more than 15 years. The website provides complete information about the company.