If your Display requires repairs that are covered under warranty, you must first contact your Sales Representative so he/she can determine the extent of the repairs that will be required. He/she will then offer one or both of the following options:

1. If the repairs require that the Display be returned to the manufacturer, your Sales Rep will provide you with a “Return Merchandise Authorization” (RMA) form which must accompany your Display in order for the repairs to be completed (no returns will be accepted without a RMA form). Warranty repairs cover all parts and labor, however shipping is at the Customer’s expense.

2. Should the repairs be easy enough for the Customer to accomplish, you will be offered the option of simply receiving the necessary replacement parts which you you may install on your own (thus saving shipping costs). Of course, if you are unsure or unwilling to install the replacement parts, you can always elect to utilize Option #1 above.

Category: Warranty & Returns