Impact Fabric Towers

Rise above with Impact Fabric Tower Displays

Impact Fabric Towers will get your graphics high up in the air. People will be able to see your booth from a distance and from any location. Available in many sizes, shapes, and configurations, the massive Impact Fabric Tower will create a dynamic impression on your audience.

A tall display can provide plenty of graphic real estate, with a minimal footprint. Most of all, towers are also simple to set up and built for easy travel. In addition, the great thing about towers is their 360° view. Customer’s and clients will be able to view your exhibit and message from any location and angle. And with a tall tower, it will even be visible from across the hall! Make the most of your booth space, while keeping your floor open for tables and accessories. Some Impact Fabric Towers also allow for iPad/tablet attachments to make your tower interactive!

Our team is standing by to answer any questions you may have on the Impact Fabric Tower Displays. Call or fill in our online form and make an impression with the Impact Tower Display today!

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