Impact EZ Fabric Tower Display

Grab attention at a distance with the Impact EZ Fabric Tower Display!

Introducing our newest EZ Tube Display, the Impact Impact EZ Fabric Tower Display!  Our customer’s love the impression this massive display makes on the trade show floor! Taking up a very small footprint, this square tower allows for a 360-degree graphic that can be seen from every direction!

This display is very lightweight, while its sheer size makes it impossible to miss out on the floor. Customers also enjoy the easy transport and setup. The aluminum frame is easily assembled by snapping all of the individual tubes together. The fabric graphic slides over the frame and is pulled down until taut, and then is zipped closed. A durable case with wheels for easy transport is included.

Take up minimal space, while creating a massive impression with the Impact EZ Tower Fabric Display! Our team is here to answer any questions you may have about the EZ Tower. Contact us today!

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