Ultralight X Briefcase Tabletop Displays

Ultralight X Portable Briefcase Displays for Tabletop Presentations

When you need a slim and highly portable display that folds into a briefcase style case, look no further than our Ultralight X Briefcase Displays. These displays fold up easily and securely for transport and travel. For you show, they make a great presentation area when folded out onto a table top. Graphics velcro easily onto the panels and travel with the case. Our Ultralight’s come in a variety of sizes, styles, along with different header shapes, so you can customize your display to your needs.

Our customers love these displays, especially for smaller meetings or presentations where a large display would be overkill. Also, the ability to easily swap out the velcro graphics makes this display highly versatile. Us the same case/display with multiple graphics for different presentations!

If you have any questions on the Ultralight X Portable Briefcase Display, please don’t hesitate to call us!

Ultralight X Briefcase Tabletop Display Collage

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