Turnkey Rental Display Solutions

Turnkey Truss Rentals Will Help Make Your Next Show a Snap!

Make your next show a slam dunk with Turnkey Rental Display Solutions from Impact Displays! All of our rentals are turnkey, this means that everything is delivered, set up, and after the show, broken down and taken away by our team. Our clients don’t have to worry about the logistics of setting up or removing the display. Renting will also set you up with an impressive display, while not having to worry about shipping and storage of a large display between shows!

Truss displays create a solid and impressive booth display. Available in 10×10, 10×20, and 20×20 sizes, you’ll find the perfect display for your show. Double-Deck displays are also available which allow you to add a second story to your display. Use the second floor as a meeting or conference space, or an area to show demos of your service or product. The Double-Deck option will double your space, while keeping the entire display within your booth area!

We’re here to answer any question you may have on our rental and truss displays. Call or fill in our online form today!