EV2 Meeting & Conference Room Trade Show Rentals

Host a meeting or conference with our EV2 modular meeting room displays!

Does your event need a distraction-free place to meet and discuss business with potential clients? Our EV2 Meeting & Conference Room Trade Show Rentals have got you covered! The EV2’s is the perfect exhibit if you need an exhibit that’s more than just a display. Host meetings or conferences in private rooms or open tables to further discuss your business, product, or service in greater detail.

Available in many different sizes and configurations, there’s sure to be an EV2 display to fit your needs. The assorted EV2 configurations give the look of a custom display. Plus, the large walls provide ample space for graphics. Stand out from the crowd with an EV2!

If you plan on using the display for multiple shows and would like to own your EV2 Modular Display, purchase of the EV2s is also available. Call or fill in our online form today! Our team is standing by to answer any questions you may have.

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