V-Burst Backlit Displays and Exhibits

Make an impression with the V-Burst Backlit Display!

Convenience, functionality and good looks make the V-Burst backlit display the smart choice for events and trade shows. The V-Burst light kit is a simple, easy-to-use solution… no fussing with unruly or broken fabric light walls. Other systems are clunky and complicated, VBurst keeps it simple.

The V-Burst creates a large backlit back wall to display your graphics while taking up minimal booth space. You’ll still have room for tables or accessory literature stands to complete your exhibit. In addition to the attention-grabbing vibrant look of the display, our customer’s love the easy setup and transport of the V-Burst display.

When you need a backlit display for your 10’ x 10’ space, and want to highlight your marketing message, or just want to bring your image to life through the power of light, look no further – Get a VBurst Backlit Fabric Pop-up!

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