Luminary Lightbox Backlit Displays

The Luminary Lightbox will bring your graphics to life!

Illuminate your trade show graphics with our freestanding Impact Luminary Lightbox backlit LED displays. By illuminating the fabric graphic with LED lights inside the frame, your graphic will come to life! There is no better or cost-effective way to stand out from a crowd than with a backlit display.

The Luminary combines the radiance, harmony, and durability of backlit LED technology with the crisp dimensions of a tension-fabric display. New technologies in printing and advanced media have helped make these displays far more affordable today while retaining their high quality and durable build. Changing your graphics out is also easy and economical using our signature silicone edge system. The edges simply pop in and pull out of the frame edge.

The Impact Luminary Lightbox displays are the same high-quality displays that you would see in shopping malls, airports, and sports stadiums. Don’t see your size here? Call us for custom sizing options.

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