Impact Titan Backlit Graphic Displays

Make your graphics stand out with the Impact Titan Backlit Display!

Wrap your beautifully printed fabric graphic in the Titan’s lustrous aluminum frame. With the rubber beading edge, simply push the graphics into the frame’s recessed grooves to install. The Titan backlit display is equipped with LED ladder lights and transformers secured inside of the frame and behind the graphics. This creates the luminescence to give your graphics a bright glow that brings your display to life! Easy to transport and set up, the Titan is perfect for trade shows or temporary events where a permanent display won’t work.

The Titan backlit display will help you stand out from the crowd while filling the same footprint of typical backwall. From a smaller 8ft wide wall to our large 16ft wide display, you can create a vibrant display no matter the size of your booth space. Our customer’s also use the Titan in retail and lobby spaces to create an impressive display for products or promotions.

Sleek and sturdy, the Impact Titan Display is the choice for backlit displays. The Titan is available in various sizes with the choice of single or double-sided graphics. You’ll make an impression at your next event with the dynamic backlit Titan display!

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