TableTop 3D Snap Fabric Displays Systems

Set yourself apart with high impact Tabletop 3D Snap Fabric Pop Up Display systems from Impact Displays.

If you have a table set up in your booth or event area, the Tabletop 3D Snap Fabric Displays are perfect. The small size of the Tabletop 3D Snap travels easily while making an impression on your table. 3D Snap systems are comprised of stretched fabric panels that button to a frame to create a three dimensional, eye-catching exhibit. This revolutionary new display system is unlike anything else on the market today and will create a unique impression on your audience. While many preconfigured panel configurations are available, the 3D Snap can easily be customized to create the perfect, personalized display.

Customer’s love how the 3D display is designed for easy travel while being a snap to set up. There are no magnetic bars or panels. You simply pull the display out of the case, pop the frame up, and the cross bars snap into place. The printed fabric panels are pre-buttoned to the frame and stretch out as the display is opened. And it’s easy to change the fabric skins depending on your target audience and product. Customers also love the affordable cost of the 3D Snap. You’ll be able to create a striking display while staying under budget!

Create an impressive and dynamic exhibit at your next show with Tabletop 3D Snap Fabric Displays from Impact Displays!

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